Mistakes to Be Avoided While Investing In Mutual Funds

Mistakes to Be Avoided While Investing In Mutual Funds

When you decide to invest in mutual funds you may get overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it’s not only you who becomes unsure of what to do but many other seniors like you do the same. This is because of the number of options available when you want to invest in mutual fund! Most of time it is found that people do mistake and they do not know what to do after that. Just to ensure that you do not fall prey to such situation here are few things that you must not do when you are planning to invest in mutual funds after a particular age.

Ignoring your financial goals

When you are investing this is the worst thing that can happen. Whether you are investing in mutual funds or real estate make sure you have set your goals. Are you investing for wealth creation or for getting a monthly income? When you invest without any goal you will be doing something that will not fulfill your need. When you are a senior you cannot do such risky things with the fund that you have accumulated.

Chasing high returns

Most of the time people choose their MF schemes based on the historical returns provided by the particular schemes. However, the truth is that this is not the best way to do so. If you check out you will find that there are a number of schemes that have given good return in the recent past but now they are not doing as good as expected. You will lose interest or even there may be erosion in your capital too. Hence, it is better to study the market and then invest. Just do not invest in anything as it has been giving high returns.

Investing in too many schemes

The most common mistake that is not only made by seniors but most investors. They think that they are diversifying their portfolio that will fetch them sure shot return. Actually each mutual fund scheme is a diversified portfolio of different kinds of securities. Thus, what is the need of diversifying again when you are investing in MF? It is rather better to invest in 2 to 3 good mutual fund schemes and then investing further in them.

Investing all your money at one go

You may be thinking that if you can take some risk you will get high return. That is true, but after retirement it is not a good option. Remember that you are now dependent on the money you have in hand. Thus, do not invest all of it in one shot. Invest in your health for 2020 and get medicare advantage http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org

Don’t Be a Target to Online Fraud

Don’t Be a Target to Online Fraud

After retirement most people are left with a fund with what they lead their rest of the life. The best place to keep this fund is in the banks and after that most seniors are at peace of mind that their money is safe. However, with rise in online transactions there is fear of another thing that is online fraud! Every day criminals have some new ways by which they snatch away your money kept safe in the banks. They have different ways through which they are gathering information and then transferring the money to some offshore account. Do you know who the easiest targets are for such criminals? You, the seniors.

Be careful while doing online transactions

Most seniors are not yet comfortable with online transactions as it is comparatively newer concept for them. And this is the weak point that is utilized by the criminals. When you do investments or even send mails you may become prey to their activities, without even knowing about it. Like, your email account may be hacked without your knowledge. They will wait for the right time and once they get enough information they will do the needful! Thus, it is best that you do not share much financial information through your emails. Even if there are some try to delete those that may be containing any personal data. You will get your investment receipts through your email, but save them and delete from the email account. The hackers take all your information and impersonate like you to grab your savings, thus you need to be very careful. Moreover, now in most online transactions you do not need to put in any signature and thus they are at more liberty.

Taking steps to protect yourself

You must have got worried by now that how can you protect your last savings? Just apply your common sense and follow the things mention below and you will be much safer. Include in your plans enrolling in a 2020 medicare supplement plan https://www.medicaresupplementplans2020.com/

  • Keep changing passwords, be that of your email or your bank online account. The moment you change the password you are cutting off the connection of the criminal with your email or even your bank account.
  • Never ever email your signature or any important information that will be necessary for completing any online transaction. In order to share any file that contains personal data or signatures you should use secure file sharing services. Also try to relay verbally any other passwords that you need to share.
  • When you are sending any fund or making any investment expect a verification call from the bankers.
  • If you are asked about your personal information over phone do not tell it to anybody.

How to live a healthy post retirement life?

How to live a healthy post retirement life?

Good health is a major concern to every human being and plays a major role in determining the quality of life one lives. Maintaining good health is therefore very vital. Unfortunately, it is very expensive and not everybody can afford but only the privileged few. Currently half of the global population is unable to access essential health care which is quite regrettable.   But even to those who can afford it pursuant to availability of insurance covers or government subsidies; I still believe that nobody finds pleasure in lying on hospital beds every now and then.

Old age is a predisposing factor to many health related issues and conditions. The list of these issues and conditions is for sure endless. Some of them as we know can even be life threatening if not properly managed. There is however a simple secret to maintaining good health that almost each and every one of us knows about but hardly pays attention to due to ignorance. We all know that prevention is better than cure but how many of use adhere to that? Most of us live a “care free” life with no regards to how our actions or actions might affect our health. It’s only after the worst happens that we attempt to do something. This article will therefore outline a few ways of maintaining a good post-retirement health through prior-preventive mechanisms;

  • Maintain proper physical fitness;

This can be simply be achieved through regular bodily exercise which can help improve one’s health in various ways. To begin with, regular exercise results to improved strength and balance of the body. Been strong and having balance prevents the elderly people from falling which may result to serious injuries. Scientific research has also proved that regular exercise prevents or reduces chances of contracting diseases such as diabetes, heart diseases among others. Orthopedic conditions such as osteoporosis which are highly prevalent in old age are also mitigated. The elderly should however consider their safety while exercising. Strenuous exercises can cause more harm than good. As such they should only undertake those exercises that their bodily conditions can preserver.

  • Proper diet

Poor health and poor diet are intertwined. Scientific research has proved it to be right that some old age diseases and conditions are caused by poor diet. It has also proved it to be right that nutritional needs vary with age and from one person to another. As such the elderly need to be mindful of what they eat. They always need to be aware of their nutritional needs and only eat what’s good for them not what’s available or what there cravings desire.

  • Regular check ups

Not all diseases or conditions show early symptoms. Some of them are already life threatening by the time the symptoms can be physically detected. It’s therefore advisable to undergo regular check-ups just to be sure. Quotes here https://www.medisupps.com/medicare-supplement-plans-2020/ for 2020 medicare supplements



There is nothing more satisfying as the capability to live independently as it preserves one’s dignity, self-esteem and self- respect. It mitigates interferences to one’s personal space from externalities preserving the much needed privacy. The reality is however human beings are not mountains or islands thus no one can live and survive on their own. No one can for sure claim that they have never at any given point in life needed help. It is therefore natural to ask for help whenever the need arises. After all, life is all about co-existence.


Old age as we all know can be associated with numerous challenges most of them being health related. They range from physical fitness related issues, mental related issues to old age, psychological issues such as stress and depression due to reduced activities in life post retirement to eye sight issues just to mention a few. These conditions stripe off one’s ability to live independently subjecting them to lots of undeserved hardships. At this point and stage of life it is prudent that external assistance is sought in order to preserve one’s dignified livelihood.

 At what point should the elderly retirees consider seeking external help and what kind of help should they seek?

The answer to the former is obvious. No reasonable man can ask for help when the same is not necessary. The elderly should not subject themselves to unwarranted suffering yet help is available. They should therefore not hesitate to ask for it on grounds of shame or unwillingness or any other reason for that matter. In regards to the latter preference as well as the existing conditions from which the need for help arises are the determinant factors. For instance, persons with eyesight issues or mobility issues should never shy away from asking for help while crossing busy roads. The possibility of someone turning them down is highly unlikely. For those with psychological issues such as depression and other stress related conditions should consider getting the relevant medical help. It is a natural thing and as such they should not suffer in silence.

The world has also progressed with advancement in time and civilization greatly simplifying lots of human activities that were in the past considered cumbersome and time consuming. A good noble example would be the mobile supermarkets in japan that serve mostly elderly persons who are unable to visit the shopping malls on their own. It is good to subscribe to such services if suitable for your condition if they are available. Embracing changing times is not harmful. Resisting change to preserve traditions can however be. Lastly, the comfort of one’s home can never be compared to any other place. Lots of people want to spend their entire lives in their homes. At some point the assistance needed cannot be achieved at a basic home set-up. When that point in time arrives be positive. Acceptance alongside the right attitude matters a lot. Moving to a nursing home or a similar facility which are widely available and in which specialized care is given should be considered. We deserve a dignified life all through until the last day. Suffering in silence or ignorance should never be an option.  Find a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote and enroll via https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org



There is a time for everything. The time to sow and the time to reap. Better and energetic parts of our lives are lost to our careers and other income generating engagements. Reality is that we cannot work for our entire lives. A time comes when we are too tired to push ourselves any further. At this point retirement is inevitable and all we can do is hung our boots and go home. But why invest so much of our valuable time in our careers? Spare so much of our income for future savings during our youthful days? The answer to the above is simply the desire and need to secure a bright and pleasant future.


It is very difficult to let go of some of the habits we have been used to for very long periods of time in our lives.  The career stage of our lives in characterized by the desire to save a certain percentage of each and every income generated. Its however good for us to know the point of our lives at which we should drop the saving  thing and start using what we have saved for what it was rightfully meant for. When the time comes for you to reap then do it. Remember the struggles of your career life. The sacrifices made in order to save that money. How you couldn’t buy that car that you badly wanted, that house, and many other material things. How you couldn’t go on that vacation with your friends. And all the other things you had to forego in pursuit of maximum saving for your post retirement life. Find a 2019 medicare advantage plan at https://www.medicareadvantage2019.org/ to take on vacation.

If you consider all that then you will realize that the only wise thing to do is stop hoarding and enjoy your sweat. You deserve it for you earned it and nobody should tell you otherwise. This is the time to go for that vacation that you really wanted to take but you couldn’t, buy that vintage car that you have always desired to have, travel as much as you can and to all the destinations that you have always wanted to visit, have that face lift or any other procedures that you have always wanted to have but you couldn’t due to financial constraints done. If you can afford it then just do it now. After all there is no other future waiting for you so what will be saving for anyway.

Why Senior Dating Sites Are Trending These Days?

Why Senior Dating Sites Are Trending These Days?

All people, regardless of age, need communication, care, tenderness, and love. And over the years, the need for all these increases. Older people dream to find love again. Over the years, it’s harder for everyone to meet new people; not everyone has the courage to start a conversation with someone on the street or in a cafe. So the seniors languish in solitude, sitting in their apartments. The Internet has provided seniors with comprehensive opportunities for personal communication, receiving new information and maintaining their intellect.

In the virtual world, it is easy to hide the real appearance, true character, age, and even gender, and present yourself as a completely different person. This makes it further difficult for an elderly person to adapt to this. Older people, like the young, have a need to learn something new in their life. For older folks, being alone after a long marriage can be a terrible as well as painful experience. They are confused and alarmed. It is vital for them to cope with this loneliness as soon as possible and fill the emptiness with someone preferably of the age range similar to them. What Makes Senior Dating So Special?

Older people already understand themselves, have the skills to communicate and build relationships. An elderly person differs from youth only in that they have great life experience and there are no exaggerated and overly bright prospects. An elderly person understands what they want. In most cases, older people have already achieved something in life. They do not need a sponsor, housekeeper, nanny for their children. After all, their children have long become adults and independent. Dating for the elderly is important. They are happy when they are understood and have a person not only as a friend but also as a life partner of about the same age.  Medigap & Senior Citizens: Older persons who’re a permanent resident in the US automatically become eligible for Medicare Supplement Plans via https://www.bestmedicaresupplementplans2019.com/ Medigap is a special coverage option that enables them to cover out of pocket costs which aren’t covered in Traditional Medicare Policy.