There is nothing more satisfying as the capability to live independently as it preserves one’s dignity, self-esteem and self- respect. It mitigates interferences to one’s personal space from externalities preserving the much needed privacy. The reality is however human beings are not mountains or islands thus no one can live and survive on their own. No one can for sure claim that they have never at any given point in life needed help. It is therefore natural to ask for help whenever the need arises. After all, life is all about co-existence.


Old age as we all know can be associated with numerous challenges most of them being health related. They range from physical fitness related issues, mental related issues to old age, psychological issues such as stress and depression due to reduced activities in life post retirement to eye sight issues just to mention a few. These conditions stripe off one’s ability to live independently subjecting them to lots of undeserved hardships. At this point and stage of life it is prudent that external assistance is sought in order to preserve one’s dignified livelihood.

 At what point should the elderly retirees consider seeking external help and what kind of help should they seek?

The answer to the former is obvious. No reasonable man can ask for help when the same is not necessary. The elderly should not subject themselves to unwarranted suffering yet help is available. They should therefore not hesitate to ask for it on grounds of shame or unwillingness or any other reason for that matter. In regards to the latter preference as well as the existing conditions from which the need for help arises are the determinant factors. For instance, persons with eyesight issues or mobility issues should never shy away from asking for help while crossing busy roads. The possibility of someone turning them down is highly unlikely. For those with psychological issues such as depression and other stress related conditions should consider getting the relevant medical help. It is a natural thing and as such they should not suffer in silence.

The world has also progressed with advancement in time and civilization greatly simplifying lots of human activities that were in the past considered cumbersome and time consuming. A good noble example would be the mobile supermarkets in japan that serve mostly elderly persons who are unable to visit the shopping malls on their own. It is good to subscribe to such services if suitable for your condition if they are available. Embracing changing times is not harmful. Resisting change to preserve traditions can however be. Lastly, the comfort of one’s home can never be compared to any other place. Lots of people want to spend their entire lives in their homes. At some point the assistance needed cannot be achieved at a basic home set-up. When that point in time arrives be positive. Acceptance alongside the right attitude matters a lot. Moving to a nursing home or a similar facility which are widely available and in which specialized care is given should be considered. We deserve a dignified life all through until the last day. Suffering in silence or ignorance should never be an option.  Find a 2019 medicare advantage plan quote and enroll via